Stationary Industrial Batteries
Cells transparent for industrial pollutants (OPZS)
16 OPZS 2000
  • Single industrial cell (OPZS) according to DIN specifications.
  • SAN boxes with capacities from 150 (A.H) to 3000 (A.H).
  • Discharge rate: 10 hours for use for electric power stations, telecommunication transformers, distributors, solar system, radio & television stations, and others.
  • Industrial batteries of single cell from opaque plastic (Poly Propylene) this cells assembling in wood or steel container brushed with anti-acid paint .
  • Capacities according to the client needs.

Industrial Batteries for Traction
Industrial battery for traction
  • Industrial cells (PZS) according to DIN specifications.
  • Capacities from 140 (A.H) to 1500 (A.H).
  • Discharge rate: 5 hours or according to English specifications (BBS) with capacity from 105 (A.H) to 1056 (A.H).
  • Locomotive batteries of 8 volt 420 (A.H) Capacity, discharge rate 8 hours to use for rail, lighting and air condition of rial way carriage.
  • Capacities according to the client needs.