Egyptian Plastic & Electrical Industries Company is one of the largest industrial companies in Egypt. The company is also one of the oldest industrial castles in the country that engraved its name on the walls of its history when it supplied all branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces with lead acid batteries, industrial leather for rubber-coated parachutes and industrial cork floats during the 6th of October glorious war back in 1973.

Uniqueness has always been the key to the Egyptian Plastic & Electrical Industries Company product lines. With being the oldest in Egypt in its fields, the company produced unique products to serve many sectors of the society. For many years the company was the sole producer of such products in the country. In recent years, the company is adapting new product developments to always maintain a market advantage. Our products have always been what the client is looking for, and are priced affordably so they can compete globally.

The company doesn’t only sell to retail consumers, but it provides many government agencies, The Railroad authority, Telecom Egypt, National ports, Airports, major hotels, and major companies in Egypt, like car and furniture manufacturers of their needs of starter batteries, industrial cells batteries of many sizes and capacities, artificial leather and foam products.

In spite of that, the company is in continuous development and modernization of its products, manufacturing lines and production machines. The company contributes highly in keeping the environment clean with its pollution prevention programs that have been implemented with costs running at 22 million Egyptian pounds (4 million US Dollars).